New Tech: the HyperCube Nano

Infinity in the palm of your hands

All of the features and infinite luminous architecture of the HyperCube in a sleek, portable, affordable form.

HyperCube Nano Kickstarter Reservation


The HyperCube Nano Kickstarter has officially launched!

Hyperdrive charged – prismatic core aligned – phase warp imminent – new tech is coming to your dimension!

Check out the campaign page here, and get a HyperCube Nano of your own on Kickstarter.

Join us on our next ultra-chromatic mission through the multiverse, and see you in Hyperspace!

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Welcome to the 3rd generation of our ultra-chromatic epoch: the HyperCube Nano has all of the features of the HyperCube in a smaller, sleeker form. 

Our hyper-engineers have been hard at work improving your tech.

This is our 3rd crowdfunding campaign - All systems are GO! 

Reserve Your HyperCube Nano Infinity Cube Today! Here's how it works:

The HyperCube Nano is now portable

Powered via a standard USB-C port, you now have a wide variety of options when using the HyperCube Nano:

Plus… we’re working on some top-secret tech to make the Nano fully wireless. Stay tuned!

The Hyperspace Lighting App

The HyperCube Nano automatically syncs to all other hyper-tech

Pilot your HyperCube Nano through Spacetime

HyperCube Nano is app controlled

Select modes and patterns

Pick your favorite colors

Fully customize your experience

Choose from 95 unique patterns

Tech Specs

HyperCube Nano
Dimensions (all sides) 5.5" (14 cm)
Total LEDs 132
LEDs Per Edge 11
Max / Avg Power Draw 5W (1A) / 2.5W (0.5A)
Weight 1.2 lb (500g)
Colors ~ 16 Million
LED Rating 50,000+ hours
Windows Scratch-proof mirrored acrylic
Frame Solid PVC
Wifi Connectivity 2.4 GHz
System Voltage 5V
Standby Power Draw <1W
Power Adapter US plug. Accepts 100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz
Flux Capacitor Rating 3.14 Jigawatts

We have delivered over 3000 HyperCubes around the world and the feedback we are getting is STELLAR! We want to thank all of our backers from the first two campaigns that made this possible. Thank you for your support, and thank you for the amazing reviews and brilliant posts! We can’t wait to bring even more light to the multiverse with your help, and we’re looking forward to having you along for the ride.

Chromatically yours,
TimM and Dylan
The Hyperspace Lighting Company

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