HyperDrive LED Kit


Our HyperDrive LED Kit delivers ultra-chromatic lighting that you can put anywhere! Our signature driver includes all of the luminous patterns, sound reactivity, and app control of the HyperCube, connected to one (or more) 4 meter LED strips.

  • 4 meters / 13.1 ft per strip
  • Black LED Strips
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Industrial adhesive backing
  • Syncs to all other Hyper-Tech
  • Highest quality LEDs (50,000+ hrs)
  • Each HyperDrive supports 2 separate LED Strips (up to 8m each)


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HyperDrive LEDs - Fully Synchronized Lighting

HyperDrive LED room lighting
HyperDrive LEDs fully sync with all our other tech, including HyperCubes and other HyperDrives. Each LED strip comes with an adhesive backing, letting you put it anywhere. Outfit your space with hyper-light for a fully coordinated, ultra-chromatic experience!

HyperDrive LED Features

16 Million Color Combinations

>16M Color Combinations

95 Patterns

95 Patterns
& 3 Modes

Sound Reactive

Sound Reactive

App Enabled


Sync with other HyperCubes


Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

1 Year Limited Warranty

1 Year Warranty

Hyper-Chromatic Technology

Our HyperDrive LED strip lighting turns any room into an illuminated work of art, with a near-infinite array of color and dynamic lighting effects. Our custom written code animates LEDs with a wide variety of animations and infinitely shifting color palettes, all fully customizable. Three pattern modes to fit any mood are available at the push of a button, each with a variety of patterns that automatically cycle every minute. There are 95 unique patterns between all 3 modes.

The Hyperspace Lighting App

Pilot your HyperDrive through Spacetime

HyperCube - an immersive experience

Select modes and patterns

Hyperspace App - Modes & Patterns Screen

Pick your favorite colors

Hyperspace App - Select your own custom colors!

Fully customize your experience

Hyperspace App customization screen

Choose from 95 unique patterns

Hyperspace App - 95 patterns to choose from!

Product Info

HyperDrive Specs

Standard LEDs (30/m) HD LEDs (60/m)
Total LEDs (per strip) 120 240
Avg / Max Power Draw (per strip) 2.5W (0.5A) / 4.5W (0.9A) 5W (1A) / 9.4W (1.9A)
Length (per strip) 4m / 13.1 ft
Colors ~ 16 Million
LED Rating 50,000 hours
Wifi Connectivity 2.4 GHz
System Voltage 5V
Standby Power Draw <1W
Power Adapter US plug. Accepts 100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz
Flux Capacitor Rating 2.718 Jigawatts

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HyperDrive LEDs


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