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How to setup the HyperCube?
First, connect the control box to the HyperCube. Next, simply plug the power adapter into an outlet and connect to the control box. Let there be light!

How do I use the HyperCube?
The HyperCube will blast out photons as soon as it’s plugged in. By default it will play patterns from the “Kaleidoscopic” mode, changing pattern every 60 seconds and generating new random colors every 10 seconds. You can manually change the pattern with a single press of the button on the control box, and change mode with a double press. Holding the button for 2 seconds turns the LEDs off. For additional control and customization, download and connect the Hyperspace Lighting app!

Can I purchase the stand seen in some of the photos and videos?
Not just yet, but soon! We’re working on finalizing the design for the stand. We’ll have more details available in the near future!

Does the cube work without the mobile app?
Yes! The app is used to fully control and customize the cube, but the HyperCube is fully functional without it, and patterns/modes can be switched with the physical button on the control box. Syncing multiple cubes does require a home WiFi network and connection to the app.

Can I use the app when I’m not connected to wifi at home?
Absolutely! The app connects via wifi, but you don’t need to be at home to use it. The cube has its own wifi hotspot that you can connect to from anywhere. So if you’re at a festival, out in the desert in the middle of nowhere, etc, you’ll have no problem connecting to the cube and controlling it!

Is there an add-on to hang or suspend the HyperCube from the ceiling like a disco ball?
Not yet – but we’re working on that and hope to have that available for purchase in the near future!

Is there a DMX control or software for professional lighting designers to customize?
Our controller does allow for WiFi E1.31 control out of the box, but we’re looking into other cable adapters that will allow the cube to be hooked into compatible controllers.

Will you open the app to user programmed patterns?
That’s the plan! It requires more development time, but is on the roadmap and something that we are actively working towards.

I’ve lost connection to my cube on the app, how can I reconnect?
If this happens, you can reconnect by pressing “discover cube” in the “+” menu of the app homescreen and letting it run for 20-30s. Quicky starting and stopping this discovery process a few times may help. After, return to the device list and swipe down to refresh the page. Your cube should show up on the main device list after doing this, and trying this discovery process multiple times may help.

I’m having issues connecting the app to the cube, what can I do?
Try resetting the WiFi connection by holding the button on the control box for 10s until the LEDs in the cube flash green. Then try the different connection processes in the manual again, including the standard “add new cube” process and the “can’t connect” process at the bottom of that menu. It may help to reset the WiFi after each attempt. After your connection attempts, even if it fails, you can try to “discover cube” in the “+” menu and let it run for 20-30s. After, return to the device list and swipe down to refresh the page. Your cube should appear on the main device list.

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