• LEDs: bright and color-saturated, rated to last for 50,000+ hours*.
  • Windows: lightweight, shatter-proof, optical-grade acrylic.
  • Inner frame: high-durability impact resistant polymer.


  • Custom written code to animate LEDs, with a wide variety of animations and color palettes.
  • Three pattern modes at the push of a button. Within each mode patterns automatically cycle.
    • Kaleidoscopic Mode: Unleash maximum chromatic brilliance! Over 16 million colors, varying speeds, dynamic color palettes, and shifting symmetries.
    • Meditative Mode: Calm and classy. The soothing pulse and glow of these patterns are ideal for nightlights, meditation, and professional gathering spaces.
    • Sound-reactive Mode: Dance and entrance. Musical frequencies are converted to light, bringing the cube to life with specially designed patterns that respond to the beat.
  • Control box with power switch, microphone, and illuminated button for pattern and mode switching. A short button press locks a single pattern in place,  a long press changes the mode.
  • Power cord included.


  • HyperCube is wired, not wireless, requiring a wall outlet for power.
  • The effect is visible from any angle, including the bottom.
  • The cube is best viewed in a dark room, and will cast a chromatic glow on everything surrounding it, but the effect is still perfectly visible in a well lit room.
  • The HyperCube has been designed to be as resilient as possible, but handle with care. Make sure not to scratch the acrylic faces.
  • Due to the acrylic manufacturing process, there may be some microbubble defects in the faces
  • Not intended to be left outside


* We have sourced the highest quality LEDs commercially available. While the LEDs are rated to last 50,000+ hours, we do not guarantee this lifetime for our hyper-products.

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