Introducing the HyperCube

Hi-Tech, Ultra-Chromatic Art from Another Dimension

The HyperCube from Hyperspace Lighting Company

Introducing the HyperCube

Hi-Tech, Ultra-Chromatic Art from Another Dimension

Lighting Like You've Never Seen Before

Think of a lava lamp fused with a supernova

Sound Reactive

Over 30 unique sound reactive patterns turn musical lows, mids, and highs into an immersive audio-visual experience.


Select patterns; customize colors; adjust brightness, speed, intensity, and syummetry; save favorites, and more.

Out of This World

Infinite light and dynamism. Your personal portal to another dimension.

Mobile App Control

HyperCube Features


Over 16 million color combinations, constantly shifting through infinite variations.

Custom Patterns / Multi-Modal

95 beautiful patterns with 3 modes to choose from, including Kaleidoscopic, Meditative, and Sound Reactive.

Sound Reactive
Harmonic, symphonic, electronic. Our HyperSpace engineering has brought these cubes to life with synesthetic aesthetic.
Scratch Proof
Hyper-engineered acrylic mirrors can withstand fingernails, festivals, and even a light swipe from metal without scratching.
App Controlled

Hyperspace at your fingertips. You’ve got full control of the HyperCube and all its stellar radiance.

Sync Multiple HyperCubes

Chromatic phase locking will synchronize the patterns and sound reactivity of the cubes. Stellar for symmetric setups.

Energy Efficient

HyperCubes are engineered for efficiency, and only use as much energy as one or two LED light bulbs.

Limited 1 Year Warranty

All HyperCubes are covered by our limited 1 year warranty. If it’s our fault, you are protected.

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What Terrestrials Are Saying

See why HyperCubes are flying off the shelves

The Hyperspace Dream Team

“Our mission is to build a more luminous world through the fusion of technology, art, function and form.”

Dylan Lovinger

CTO / Co-Founder

Dylan Lovinger received his PhD in Physics from UCSD, for his work in ultrafast laser spectroscopy. That means studying how light and matter interact, and investigating the electronic and magnetic properties of unique materials with light.

Tim O'Connor

CEO / Co-Founder

Tim O’Connor received his PhD in NanoEngineering from UCSD, holds a master’s in Physics, and a BS focused on Business/Entrepreneurship. He has written 18 high impact publications in the fields of solar energy, opto-electronics, and integrated devices for human-machine interfaces.

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