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Created by engineers with PhDs in Physics and Nanoengineering, the HyperCube is a high-tech, ultra-chromatic, hyper-luminous infinity mirror art piece that will transport you to a higher dimension. Crafted from the highest quality components and scratch-proof mirrors, HyperCubes are sturdy, rugged, and meant to last.

Available in 10″ or 15″ sizes.

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  1. Arno Zeeman

    The cube is just too cool and versatile to be ignored. I’m explaining to all my friends that 94 paterns times 75 pre-set colors times 8 different ways of seeing the patterns is already 56400 possibilities. Which you can tweak for speed and intensity etc in literally millions of different ways. So it will take years to actually find out how to set it in such a way that that awesome pattern that came by in random mode can be added as a favorite. Basically, I’m lost in hyperspace for 6 weeks already and haven’t got clue what I’m doing. Just too many possibilities. You guys did an amazing job with this psychedelic madness in a box !

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  2. Aleena Nie

    I patiently waited for this cube, and it did not disappoint!! Not only was it a breeze to set up but everything from the packaging to the witty instruction manual was top notch. Of course the cube itself is a beautiful work of art and looks absolutely fantastic next to all of my other rgb computer components and accessories. The sound reactive mode is one of my favorites, it is so fun to just sit and watch it or have it going in the background. The 10 is really the perfect desk size, no regrets! Really impressed that they were able to pull this together and proud I got to be a part of their journey on Kickstarter. Excited to see what is next for them!!

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
HyperCube Size

HyperCube10, HyperCube15

HyperCubes Warping Into Thousands of Homes Galaxy-Wide

From Party to Peaceful

The HyperCube is an infinity mirror cube that will fit any mood. Our custom written code animates LEDs with a wide variety of animations and color palettes. Three pattern modes are available at the push of a button, each with a variety of patterns that automatically cycle. There are 95 unique patterns between all 3 modes.

Sound Reactive

Syncs to any song or sound

How it Works

In 3 Easy Steps

1. Just Plug It In!

Connect the HyperCube to the control box, and plug in the power supply.
Let there be light!

Connect to the App

2. Connect the App

Optionally connect to the Hyperspace Lighting App to customize colors, speed, and intensity.
Fully personalize your experience!

3. Kick Back & Enjoy

An infinitely immersive, interactive infinity mirror cube that you can tailor to your mood.
Get lost in another dimension!

The Hyperspace Lighting App

Pilot your HyperCube through Spacetime

HyperCube - an immersive experience


>16M Color Combinations

95 Patterns
& 3 Modes

Sound Reactive

Scratch Proof



Energy Efficient

1 Year Warranty

What Terrestrials Are Saying

See why HyperCubes are flying off the shelves

Mike G.


“So many brilliant patterns out of the box… Seems like some previously uninvented thing you’d half come across at an art museum and half at a concert, but small and affordable enough to have at home. A really special thing.”

Stephen B.


“The colors are surprisingly bright! There are so many different lighting patterns and sequences! The coding that went into this is extremely extensive. You can watch it for an hour and not see the same thing twice!”

Sean P.


“In a word: magnificent. I know it’s been a long journey to get here, but what you guys have created is truly a work of art. Thank you for the pursuit of quality and dedication to your vision. You’ve created in me an evangelist of both your product and customer service for life.”

HyperCube Unboxing & Review by KahnFlicks

Product Info


HyperCube10 HyperCube15
Dimensions (all sides) 10.04" (255 mm) 15.16" (385 mm)
Total LEDs 288 480
LEDs Per Edge 12 20
Max / Avg Power Draw 11.25W (2.25A) / 6W (1.2A) 20W (4A) / 10W (2A)
Weight 5.7 lb (2.6kg) 12.3 lb (5.6kg)
Colors ~ 16 Million
LED Rating 50,000+ hours
Windows Scratch-proof mirrored acrylic
Frame PVC
Wifi Connectivity 2.4 GHz
System Voltage 5V
Standby Power Draw <1W
Power Adapter US plug. Accepts 100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz
Flux Capacitor Rating 3.14 Jigawatts
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